Portfolio : a "feng-shui-ed" living-room, the reveal

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

As promised yesterday, here's the result of Christine's living-room renovation.
 Remember before ?
We changed most of the furniture and the layout. The sofa was turning its back to the window, so I moved it to closer to the window. It opened the whole lounge area and allowed more light in.
We chose a very simple TV unit from Ikea (Besta), thrifted a metal and glass coffee table for about £15, defined the area with a rug (also from Ikea), added new furnishings (linen curtains, new pillows, etc.). We also replaced the big chandelier by a more discreet one.

And do you remember the fireplace situation?
The mirror made a huge difference there. The fireplace is way less obvious now. It also adds a little glamour to that area.
We added a console behing the sofa, with two lamps and made-to-measure lampshades (that I created with some light blue fabric). The room was in big need of storage so we went for the very classic but budget-efficient Billy bookcases from Ikea. 
We moved the dining area closer to the kitchen, and once again turned to our local Ikea to find a modern table. Before :
I "hacked" an Expedit bookcase to create a banquette (and thumbs up for hidden storage), and made a cushion with some outdoor turquoise fabric (from Fabric.com). Plus it's removable, so Christine's family won't have to worry about spills or stains. We painted two of her kitchen chairs with a custom color that matches the opposite banquette. And we created a gallery wall with family pictures and inspirational quotes.
The entrance before :
After :
My friend is really happy with her new interior, and that means the world to me. After all, that's the whole point of interior decorating : improving people's life by improving their home !

So, what do you think ? Nailed it ? Thanks for reading !


  1. I love the dining area and the home made lampshades ! great job ;)

  2. Thanks Gaëlle !!! Glad you like it !