A Greek salad, to celebrate the last summer days

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Okay, this is barely a recipe. It's a classic. It's healthy. It's delicious. What's not to love about Greek salad ? It's full packed with veggies, healthy fats and proteins. Add some whole wheat bread on the side and you'll treat yourself with a super nutritious meal.
It's also the easiest salad ever. Mix up some cucumber, tomatoes, peppers (the traditional recipe calls for green pepper, but a yellow one will make this salad look even more joyful), thinly sliced red onion, olives (Kalamata olives are best, but any other black olives will do), and of course lots of good Feta cheese.

Sprinkle with some dried herbs (I've used a salad mix from a trip there, but you can just add origan), lemon juice and olive oil, and you're good to go ! It's like summer in a bowl !

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