Kids' bathroom progress: a curtain and a blind

Friday, September 26, 2014

Remember when I told you about the cute shower curtain I'd found for the kids' bathroom ? Well, there it is:
Pretty cool for a boyish bathroom, isn't it ? It brings some much personality, and also a nice English country feel, to a rather boring room ... It's such a show stopper, and the kids love it ! Next step was to update the blinds.
These were paper/cheap blue rolling blinds that came with the house. All I had to do was to replace the paper with some leftover fabric from our living-room Ikea curtains. I also added some black ribbon to coordinate with the curtain. Virtual cost: £0.
And here's the bathroom today:
I still need to install the built-in shelves and to add a few more accessories to really consider this room done. But it's already better than when we first moved in. Let's journey back, shall we?
Now (in progress):
Have a great week-end !

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