Living-Room: the current state of things

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ok, this is not an "After" post. I don't consider our living-room done yet, far from it. But it's already pretty comfortable and as we love entertaining and having people over, I wanted it to be functional as quickly as possible. So here it is.
A couple of things will change soon, at least the frames above the sofa. It was a temporary fix (the scale and height is so wrong, but there are some holes to be taken care of behind, from the previous tenants). Plus I used two Ikea Tarnby rugs to create a large area one on the cheap, but I still need to sew them together to eliminate the gap between them. The cowhide is a great way to add warmth and style, and it's very kid-friendly as it's almost stain proof. The side table came from our local Furniture Project center, and I made the linen skirt this summer.
We bought our sofa (Long Island) and the armchairs (Grosvenor) at Multiyork. I would love to have a white couch, but with two kids under 5, it didn't seem like the way to go, somehow. The great thing about this sofa (and the chairs as a matter of fact) is that you can change the cover when you get tired of it, and I found it nice to be able to update the upholstery in a few years time. Plus we have a stainguard garantee which basically covers any damage on each chair, which is good for my nerves.
I hung one of my husband's guitars on the wall because: 1/ it's a drop dead gorgeous Gibson 2/ it's out of reach of little hands 3/ Laurent can play way more often that way.

The 2 bamboo side tables were found last week on Gumtree, and came with another smaller table, as a 3 piece set, but it seemed too busy. I intended to paint them, but they look good just as they are. I changed the white table on this side of the sofa and replaced it with a transparent one on the console, but I'm not it'll stay. At least not with that lampshade. This lamp was once again found at TKMaxx (I bet you think that I spend all my time in that store now ...).
The curtains are from Ikea and I'll show you soon a little trick to make them appear custom made. That's it from now, and it's just the beginning. This room will evolve for sure as we live in it.

And just for fun, here's a real before photo, that is from the listing.

Pretty different already, isn't it ?

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  1. I feel the same way - I am always hestitant to share my spaces because I never feel like they are done! There are always things waiting! I do love what you have done so far - the cowhide rug layered over is great and love those matching chairs - nice to add some print into a space!

  2. Your living room is looking great already- very inviting and pulled together. Looking forward to see changes in the future!

    P/S: Thanks for your kind comments on my guest bedroom progress.