One dress, two looks (new Topshop collection)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I love wearing dresses in autumn, they're so versatile and allow all kind of looks. They're also such a time saver in the morning, and we all know how hectic school mornings can be ...

Topshop UK has a great new collection, and until I find some time free from kids to actually go shopping there, I checked it out on the Internet. And I stumbled across this lovely green dress that would be perfect for autumn, a good transition before real winter clothes. Let me show you how to create two very different outfits with the same dress.

The first one would be something I'd wear for a coffee date with friends after having dropped the kids off at school. The second one is more formal, like for a dinner or a cocktail party.



I have got to pick up that dress as soon as possible, she is just beautiful ! Which look do you prefer ?

(all opinions are mine, I haven't received any kind of remuneration from Topshop to write this post)

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