Dining-Room new console, lamps and art

Thursday, October 02, 2014

I've been struggling with our dining room ever since we moved in. The main reasons would be that: 1/ I don't like our dining table + chairs from Ikea (they do the job for cheap, but they do look "cheap" as well) 2/ the table needs to be a little off-centered to accomodate our china cabinet, so the whole room look a bit weird from that point of view. But I suppose I'm the only one who's really bothered by that.

So, here's a sneak peek at the improvement I made this week:
But before getting into the details, I wanted to show you how the room looked when we first visited the house:
Obviously, the previous tenants didn't use it as a dining-room. For the first couple of months, we had just put our table, chairs and cabinet there and didn't really used it either. You see, we mainly eat in our conservatory (hello ! I have kids ! who would want to feed them spaghettis over a cream carpet ?) and outside during summer - yes, even in England ! This room would be more of a formal dining-room if you will ...

In June, I brought in two oak shelves from Camp Hopson - on sale - and printed out a picture of a London pub's specials. I also switched the previous curtains for grey ones from Arthur's previous bedroom, as a temporary alternative to those cute brown-ish flowers.
It was ok, but still not good. I soon realized that these shelves would look fab in Violette's room, so up they went. And I brought down the Ikea Expedit bookcase that were in her bedroom. It made more sense already. New curtains were hung (the same ones as in the living-room). And I experimented with a nautical map but it wasn't working really. I also replaced the japanese paper pendant with the cheapest one from Ikea, but a bit more quirky - until I find a grown-up one.

Then a few days ago, I found those lamps at TKMaxx Reading:
Aren't those fun? At £45 each, it was love at first sight. They're just big enough to make a statement but they're still "light". And they gently echo the wood cabinet on the opposite... It gave me the urge to wrap up the rest of the room (oh, and the perspective of friends coming over tomorrow also kinda motivated me). So here's the result:
I decided to sew a skirt for the bookcase to hide the fact that 50% of this room comes from Ikea. I had this gorgeous fabric (from Multiyork) that I had bought for another project, but seemed more appropriate here. A few hours later, mainly spent hand-hemming the whole thing for a profesional look, I had transformed this basic bookcase into an elegant console, while hiding the content for a cleaner look.
And I also had this huge metallic frame on hand, so I looked for a seascape picture through an insane amount of pictures - that I still need to purge - on my computer. I wanted something meaningful, beautiful, and in beige and blue hues. Then bingo ! I found this one, taken a few years ago on the beach back home in Brittany. I rushed into Staples to get it printed, and I came home so excited to see it in place. And I LOVE it ! It looks so peaceful, especially at night.
Of course, Laurent appreciates the little bar station I set up here ... It brings some masculinity to the console and it's so welcoming. We still need to change the rug (this one was in the kids' bedroom back in France and does the job for now - which would be to protect the carpet from stains - but shows some wears and tears). So, what do you think ? Am I on the right track here ? Any suggestion for a new table and chairs ? Thanks for reading !!

Psstt ! Do not hesitate to contact me if you're interested in this beach picture, I'll be happy to give it to you.

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  1. Cette jupe pour la console est magnifique, je n'avais pas vu le côté "velours" qui réchauffe vraiment la pièce. Mais le radiateur, il peut encore fonctionner ?
    Bravo pour ton affiche-photo, ce doit être très gratifiant d'exposer ainsi son travail. et la Bretagne, j'imagine :)
    Pour les chaises, je réfléchis actuellement à acquérir des chaises en plexi transparent, éventuellement en forme médaillon. Avec des meubles en bois plutôt dans les teintes grisées et patinées chez nous. J'ai hâte de voir ce que tu vas faire.
    Pour le tapis, je rêve d'un immense Saffavieh aux motifs géométriques. Et d'un nouveau sol pour son séjour, ahum.

    1. Thanks!! Contente que ca te plaise. pour le radiateur, ca ne se voit pas trop sur les photos mais la console est décalée par rapport au mur, donc pas de soucis.
      et que ne donnerai-je pas moi aussi pour enlever cette moquette !!!! merci de ta visite et de ton petit mot, ca m’a fait bien plaisir ! a bientôt

  2. wow. it glams it up! I love the change! Come share at my link party http://www.carissamiss.com/2014/10/outside-box-no-5.html

  3. Love the added skirt! It's like instant sophistication.