Home office progress: paint, lamps, chair and table !

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

So last time I told you about my office design, here's what I had in mind:
And here's where I started from: (picture taken on our first viewing)
So the plan was to paint the accent wall in this Farrow&Ball "Plummett" grey, but apparently, none of my local stores carry it, so instead of ordering it online, and because I wanted things to be done quite quickly, I had my paint supplier mix a similar paint in Dulux. And that turned out to be twice cheaper ! And I couldn't tell the difference, even if I'm sure an expert would ... Here it is after the first coat:
And after the second one:
You can see that I set up my desk(s) from Ikea, and that I've received the Eames inspired chair I ordered. Things were looking good already ! I also found the round table I was looking for a few days ago, at the Furniture Community Project, our local second-hand store.
I could have painted it (the shape is ok), but the plan was to bring in some patterned fabric with a slipcover (the large medallion one on the bottom of this picture). I've ordered it from Fabric.com, and it arrived yesterday (in less than a week, congrats Fabric.com !). It's drop dead gorgeous ! Let's just hope I can turn it into a skirt properly. Note: you can see on the previous picture that the paint color appears to have green undertones, but in real life it's definitely more grey. It depends on the light.
Then, I've found these great lamps at TKMaxx Reading. They're actually Ralph Lauren Home lamps, initially marked more than 300$, and I got them for £50 each. Deal !
I love that they make a real statement, because they're quite tall, but they still look light and not bulky. Another challenge was to find a way to disguise these two air vents on each side of the wall.
So here's what we came up with. Well, we were missing some equipment to actually hang the second one that night, but it should be done today. Just picture a similar shelf on the other side. And a big pinboard in the middle.
I've also started to style up and organize the low unit on the right, but it's still work in progress.
The copper pendant light arrived yesterday as well. You can see on those pictures that I'd already unscrewed the current - very weird - light fixture just to see how it was attached. Now I just need my husband's skills to hang the new one.

So, what do you think so far ? Still work in progress, but already a pretty comfortable place !

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