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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm sorry for my lack of posting lately, but life is pretty busy around here. We are having a lot of friends and family over during mid-term, and it keeps me a bit busy.

I want the house to be lovely for them, so it includes some last minute projects like Violette's bedroom. I'll share the overall plan for that later, hopefully next week. Basically, we're giving her Arthur's bed (and as from tonight, we'll no longer have a crib in our house ... first time in 4 years ! Am I sad or relieved, I couldn't tell ...), and we bought a new one for him. So I'm sewing a bed skirt in a rush with a gorgeous fabric that I've found in Burford. I have to say that I am a bit anxious to put her to sleep in a big girl bed tonight. Does this feeling ring a bell to anyone ?
I almost finished my office, as it is also our guest bedroom (sorry about the poor quality of these Instagram pictures by the way).
On another hand, I finally got my copy of Erin's book, and I love, love love it ! So inspirational, with loads of amazing pictures and advice.
And we've been so lucky with the weather too, which allowed us to enjoy great walks in the woods nearby.
My parents, my sisters and brother in law arrive tomorrow, I couldn't be more excited to see them all ! I hope you're having a great week too !

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