When do you start decorating for Christmas ?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

You see, I'm a bit of a Christmas freak. I just adore this time of the year. The decor, the magic, the food, the music, the good family time ... Every year, I have to patiently wait for the most reasonable time to get our Christmas tree out of his box (so not glamorous when I think about it, but so much more convenient, and quite a good deal as years go by). Of course, living in England where shops display Christmas decor almost right after summer doesn't help !

And since we won't be here for the holidays, I might actually start decorating next week, so that we can enjoy Christmas decor for the first time in our house for a bit longer. I'm torn between white, red or turquoise for our tree, but there will be a lot of lights of course. And I'll finally start playing Christmas songs in the house, which is something I've forbidden myself doing until then ... I just have been compensating by adding cinnamon in almost every cake I bake ... And by dreaming of a beautiful Christmas home !
Thank God I have a friend coming over today, otherwise I think I might have taken some ornaments out of the garage this right afternoon ! How about yourself, when do you start decorating ?

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  1. Je commence le dernier week-end de novembre. Mais cette année, mon fils comprend le principe de Noël, d'être sage pour les cadeaux (on lui serine tous les jours)... Et belle-maman lui a déjà acheté un calendrier de l'Avent. Donc j'ai hâte de lui expliquer et de tout mettre en place.
    En voyant ces belles photos de sapins, je me dis que je dois absolument ajouter des flots de ruban (bleu !) pour l'améliorer cette année.
    As-tu déjà vu l'étage "noël" de chez Harrod's ? A tomber !