E-design: a 1920/art-deco boudoir

Friday, January 30, 2015

A previous module of my course at the National Design Academy was about colour. One of the assignment was to study a particular period and define a colour scheme that would represent well that era.

Being a huge fan of Downton Abbey (you can imagine my thrill when I found out we would be living 10min away from Highclere Castle last year!!), I've immediately thought about the lovely colours of that time and got to work. This is what I came up with.
Then I wondered how I would use this scheme in a contemporary design, say for a young lady's boudoir for instance, using products available in the UK. And I must say, it could look amazing !

This wallpaper from Graham&Brown looks stunning and would be a fantastic focal point behind a simple upholstered bed. A spectacular chandelier would also make a big impact in the room. I would suggest using mirrored side tables as bedside tables. This console/dressing table could be used as is, or could be turned into a desk. I hope this board inspired you, feel free to "use it" at home !

What are you up to this week-end ? We are going car shopping and then we have a party tomorrow night. Now I wish I had a flapper dress !! Check out this Etsy seller for gorgeous 1920 dresses !

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  1. La saison 5 de Downton Abbey a pris fin hier soir sur la tv française, c'est un drame personnel, ni plus ni moins.
    Lorsque je regarde tes tableaux, je pense aussi à la tenue verte brodée portée par Lavinia, l'ex fiancée de Matthew Crowley, avec le très joli bandeau de tête. Du coup, j'ai envie de te parler de la créatrice de bijoux Dame Pivoine que je suis depuis quelques années, qui travaille dans l'esprit des années 20 si magnifiques : http://damepivoine.com/
    Have a good week-end !