So I might be a runner after all ...

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I must confess, I've never liked exercising. Like, never ! I used to find the most pathetic excuses to skip PE at school. But we moved to the UK last year, and since we had a gym literally just 5 min away, I figured I might try to get a bit healthier and so I joined the gym with high expectations regarding my routine. Well, turns out, I'm not a gym person. I don't fit in there. I have no motivation whatsoever. So, next week, I'm going to cancel my subscription.

But that doesn't mean I don't want to get fit. And I figured, running is my best option so far. It's free (extra point for that !), flexible and I get to enjoy some fresh air, and to soak up on some precious vitamin D that might help me fight my first English winter blues.

The only problem was that I've always HATED running. I couldn't catch my breath after 10 min, and I sort of assumed that I simply wasn't a runner (convenient excuse, right ?). So, one day, well, actually, one night, I took a leap of faith and went running for the first time in years. And you want to know what happened ? I ran for 50 min. And I enjoyed most of it ! I couldn't have been more surprised ! I thought I must just be, like Gwyneth would say, my father's daughter, as he runs regularly and even ran a marathon.

That was early January. Since then, I've run about once or twice a week, for about 1 hour, at my own slow-beginner speed. I love running after dropping-off my children at school/nursery, getting lost in the beautiful countryside, listening to French radio podcasts or loud music, and most of all, being on my own ! That's a luxury in my current world ...

And yesterday I ran my first 5K. Whoohoo ! I did it in 40min, and I was one of the last to arrive, but I did it. I felt so proud and happy !

I promised myself to go running at least once a week. I think that might be the beginning of a more global getting-healthier plan ...


  1. Bel exemple de surprise et de motivation !
    J'ai hâte de me mettre au sport (natation/aquagymp/running, au choix) après mon accouchement (plus que 3 semaines !), je sens ce besoin de me retrouver et de m'occuper de moi "pour moi".
    Je vais aussi utiliser la Wii board, elle m'a été utile pour faire des exercices à n'importe quel moment à la maison, sans abonnement ni autre dépense.
    Continue sur ta lancée, 5 km, c'est déjà une très belle victoire. Félicitations !

    1. Thanks Luly ! Bon courage pour ton accouchement, et j'espere que tu pourras trouver du temps pour toi quand ton petit bout sera la ... un seul mot d'ordre: organisation ! A bientot !