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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Some might say I have too many lamps in my house. I don't think it to be even possible, light has such a major importance in Interior Design. I have ceiling lights but I never use them, or just in emergency. Their light is not remotely flattering or welcoming.

Instead I use different lamps in every room to create a diffuse, cosy light and a nice atmosphere.

I had purchased these lamps from TKMaxx a while ago for our dining-room and I recently swapped them for our (previously) bedside lamps. And to the living-room they went. Still following ?
The Stylish Interior - Living room with TKMaxx lamps
And even before (image from the listing when we found the house):
Now (still in progress):
I still have a lot to do in that room: switching the art above the sofa for something bigger (this was a temporary fix, and the scale is clearly wrong). Also I'm not sold on the bamboo side tables, at least not with the new lamps, so I'm still on the hunt for a replacement (maybe in a slightly darker wood for a more luxurious feel ? or a glossy white / Parson-style table ? I also like this one)

Here's how the wooden lamps used to look in the dining-room:
Same room now:
The Stylish Interior - Console, lamps and art in the dining-room
I love both styles, but I think the blue ones are a bit more vibrant and glamorous in that spot, and they look great with the art and the console skirt I made a few months ago.
(they actually look a little less Royal Blue)

What do you think ? Any suggestion for great / affordable art for my living-room ?

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