Six bedside lamps for a luxurious bedroom

Thursday, February 05, 2015

When I was working in a design agency in Paris, which feels like a million years ago, we used to go to these amazing hotels in London or Barcelona. I've always loved a hotel feel in a bedroom: crisp white bedding, beautiful pillows et most of all, elegant bedside tables and lamps.

Look at these amazing rooms, what do they have in common ? (hint: scale ..)
So this is my trick for making your bedroom look bigger and fancier: use right size tables and lamps !

You want to choose bedside tables (or side tables, don't just look into the bedroom section !) that have more or less the same height than the top of your mattress. It will look more harmonious and that way you'll be able to reach anything you need, to read the time, ... If you need extra storage you can even use dressers like on the previous picture.

Then, please choose proportionate lamps, and in my opinion, the bigger the better. It just looks more luxurious, and it provides the right amount of light to read in bed.

Here's a peek at the ones I chose for our master bedroom (although this room isn't finished yet):
And your lamps don't need to be expensive to help you achieve a high-end look. I gathered a selection of lamps under £50 that you can find in the UK. Also make sure to visit your local TKMaxx, as they always have the most amazing lamps, at a very good price.
Top, from left to right: Homebase / Dunelm / Homebase
Bottom, from left to right: Dunelm / Homebase /

Of course, they're are other options, like swing arm lamps, but that'll be for another post. Have a great day !

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