A boost of confidence from Kelly Hoppen

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sometimes, it seems like I have this huge mountain ahead of me, and I feel a little overwhelmed by my own ambitions. Juggling between a young family and new career plans is no piece of cake ! So some days, I might lose a bit of confidence, and when that happens, I try and meditate about the big picture: I will succeed !! No matter how or when, but I will.  And when I'm finally there, I will look back and be thankful for those doubts and tears along the road. Because these will be part of the whole process, and will make it all worth in the end.

Until then, I turn to the people I admire the most for advice and inspiration. And of them is Kelly Hoppen. The English goddess of Interior Design. And this what she said in an interview as a tip for future designers:

Just the boost of confidence I needed today ! I will succeed, period.

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