A colourful boudoir for my little girl

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

It's official, Violette is no longer a baby ! She will turn 3 in April (how is that even possible ?!), and (finally) potty trained. And no more nappies = no more need for a changing table = one happy mama ! So after getting rid of the dresser in her room, transferred her clothes into Arthur's closet, I got to rearrange her room last Sunday. It was time for a proper big girl's boudoir !
Little girl boudoir
This is how it looked until last week:
Nothing really bad with this layout: the bed was tucked into a niche, which was kinda cosy, but I wasn't comfortable with the fact that Violette couldn't see the door from her bed (Feng-Shui 101 ...). Plus the first thing we would see when entering the room was the shelves full of toys. Something was not right.  
So I replaced the dresser with the shelves and put the bed at the centre of the room, to make it a nice focal point. The room is really teeny tiny, but we still managed to fit a single bed, two shelves and a bedside table in. Plus all the toys of course !

The oak shelves are from Camp Hopson Newbury (remember this post about English oak done right ?), and quite traditional yet versatile. I could easily use them somewhere else in the house. I never really liked using "kid" items in children's bedrooms. I'm quite contradictory like that ... 
The bedside table is from Dunelm (discontinued) and so are the frames above the bed and the chandelier. The owl lamp is from Homebase, with a purple shade find on clearance at Sainsbury's. The blackout rolling blind is from Homebase as well, and the white curtains are from Next. The rug is from Overstock. It's an outdoor rug, washable so super kid-friendly !
The headboard was a gift from my sweet neighbour (thanks Karen !!), and it might get a fresh coat of paint later, although it already looks great. Solid wood (very heavy !). It belonged to her daughter, and both my friend and I were happy to give it a second life.

I've used this fabric by Linwood to sew the bed skirt, and matching pillow. It works beautifully with the coral rug, and is joyful and elegant at the same time. I bought it from a store called Just Fabrics in lovely Burford, Oxfordshire - amazing shop, by the way ! But you can also buy it online.
The skirt has contrasting pleats in a turquoise crushed velvet.
And I made a pillow in the same fabric, using a shiny linen for the back:
I used the same fabric in the frames. Then I added some lyrics and poems, that Violette obviously can't read yet but are meaningful to us. For example, her favourite song is "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, so I printed out the refrain. And the Breton hymn as well, and an extract of My Girl by The Temptations.
I am this close from calling this room "done", but I don't believe any room is ever totally finished. We'll see. For now, I love it, and Violette is really proud of her big girl's room ! Which is all that matters really, don't you think ?


  1. J'adore le lustre de cette chambre, je commence à vouloir cela pour ma propre chambre à coucher ;D
    C'est un très joli makeover et je te suis complètement pour le positionnement du lit vis à vis de la porte de la chambre. J'ai eu du mal à convaincre du monde chez moi pour que mon fils aîné puisse dormir face à la porte, et non le dos tourné. Mais j'ai gagné !
    Bravo pour l'apprentissage de la propreté, tant pour cette grande fille que pour l'esthétique.

    1. Merci ! Je suis contente que ca te plaise !