Stylish designer: Taylor Howes

Monday, April 20, 2015

Taylor Howes is a London/Chelsea based Interior Design firm was founded in 1991 by Karen Howes, and is now one of the most successful team in the UK. Karen and her associate Gail Taylor legitimately won the prestigious Andrew Martin International Interior Designer Award in 2006.

Take a look at this article on HealsBlog where Karen explained her philosophy, which consist in getting to know their client perfectly while putting any ego on the side in order to create the most relevant and dedicated designs. They "run the practice as family" which makes them a very approachable despite their high-end portfolio.

I totally agree with this way of thinking. Good designers shouldn't be intimidating, should they ? After all, you are asking them to create your home, it doesn't get more intimate than that. So it is crucial that you feel comfortable with your designer.

Their portfolio is a beautiful mix of luxurious yet completely "liveable" designs, mostly in and around London, and each project is a feast for any design addict's eyes.


  1. Totally agree. I think it's absolutely vital for client and designer to gel well. I've seen few occasions where both parties were on completely different pages and the tension was quite intense. The problem I see this happening is with high end well known designers who are hired for their name and not their style or portfolio.

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