Virtual design: a Breton countryside nursery

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Like I said previously, I can't wait to be able to afford fine art, and especially art that would mean something to me and my family. When I stumble onto this oil painting on the Invaluable painting page, my heart cried a little over my beloved Breton home country. It might sound a bit chauvinistic, but Brittany remains the most gorgeous, authentic place I know. Being expatriate here in the UK makes me feel even prouder of my roots, and I want my children to be proud of them too.
This painting reflects perfectly the Brittany I come from. Not only the seaside part that I also love and where my parents live now, but the countryside, where my family lived for generations. My grand-parents were farmers near Pleyben, and they lived in a rather non-touristic place. It is a rough life there. Some villages are "dying", there's not much to do. It hasn't changed much since that canvas was painted in the 40s'/50s'. But it is beautiful no matter what.

I wondered how I could translate that into a design and I thought it might be a great focal point in a baby boy's nursery.

I would apply a textured, natural looking wallpaper on the walls, and would use this rug to anchor the colour scheme of the room. The curtains will be in linen, and I would suggest using this striped fabric in the same hues to create blackout roman or rolling blinds, both from Zoffany. The simple white cot and the comfy, mens club looking armchair are from Ikea (always include a comfortable chair in a nursery, you'll appreciate it during those long nights, and for cuddling !). The side table is from Occa Home. The whimsical bird mobile is by Flensted Mobiles. The dresser is from Maisons du Monde. The wall lights are from Occa Home and the table lamps on the dresser are from Oka Direct.

It always amazes me how much a piece of art can influence an entire room, and create a mood that is unique and so intimate. I would definitely consider using a real painting in a nursery, so my advice to future parents would be the following. Don't register for expensive baby gear that will not be used in 2 years time (think second-hand stroller and car seat !), instead, offer your relatives to help you investing in a life-lasting gift for your baby: his/her first piece of art !

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